How drugwars ranking work?

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Dear friends

it is very strange for me I am still in 159 global position even from last game update I cannot find myself in the first 200 positions of drug production, so how it work right now?

The game after update gave to users a lot of productivity more, so now we can find users having over 1,5 M of drug productions, so may be the new ranking is covering other things?

Maybe they are taking on count I am one of the biggest contributor of gang building?

Dear friend @intellihandling, you made a post where there is the list of who is not contributing enough, why you do not mention who are really giving the best for gang growing?


Dear @loro68, thank you for mention, it Is good suggestioni because as i can see from the image i am the best contributor right now...😉

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I'm not sure if one should play this game that actively now. I'll wait for DW dollar to be released on steem engine before I invest real time in it. I'm just passively growing my primary and a secondary base. Don't find it worth investing more time right now.
I'm investing time in Steem Monsters instead.

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