Sums up my day

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Chillin' at the beach.

The weather is super hot, but it's all worth it. The sea is looking fire, but the water is actually pretty cool. Or maybe it is that my skin is getting burnt by the Sun. That guy is dangerous, I'm tellin' ya.

Not gonna do jack.

As you can understand, I 've become so lazy this month and I am not even thinking about callin' it a day. I don't want to be productive in August. But I can use my Steem account in order to stay creative. And maybe mine some crypto. Why? Because.

Takes heart to walk on that burning sand.

But the cool water makes up for that as soon as you reach it.

68743530_2471834259552443_8569755465548824576_n (1).jpg


So, how was your day today?

Have you visited the beach this summer? Have you ever been to Greece?

Here's another banger for you all.

Because music always sounds better on the beach.

Mark The Graves - Linkin Park

Thanks for passing by.


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Don't say you've gone lazy. That comes from the people who want you to work all the time. That's a negative word, say that you're doing something good for yourself. It is good for your body and your soul, and if something in you is not well, then you will be well and healthy.
If you sit down close to the woman, then you don't have to burn your feet. Or do you know barefoot soles? They stick to your feet.
I have it not so beautifully, like you :). Home and holidays at the beach, that's the best thing you can have.
Unfortunately I couldn't visit the beach for a while, it's soo far away :(. Last night I cooked enchiladas for the first time, if you want you can have a look at the recipe at me, it tasted really good :D

To be honest I like being lazy at times. But I certainly agree with you that hitting the beach is as good as it gets when it comes to summer holidays. I'm blessed to live nearby.

I just checked your recipe, the food looks amazing. Gonna have to try it out myself.

How was your day today?

If people lazy, it's really healthy. That's the best thing people can do. I didn't get up until 12:00 because I went to bed so late. It doesn't matter, because I have this week off and it was cold and rainy today :D