Music: Counting Blue Cars - Dishwalla

in #palnet2 months ago
Counting Blue CarsDishwalla

Every time I hear this song it touches me in my heart. I feel a warm tingle down my spine when I hear the beat drop and then the "Tell me all your thoughts on God" part. I find that many of the questions about God and how far one could be from God, are questions I ask myself. I'd love to meet God, if God is out there somewhere. No cryptic messages, no trying to take something as a sign, nothing to decipher... Just a pure conversation, without requiring death and a devotion of my life to only a whim of a possibility, even if still a possibility. Who knows what's next, we can only guess. I just hope it's something better than this world, because as much good as there is.... there is indeed great evil and bad as well and sometimes I wonder if it's all worth it in the end. Guess we'll see!


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