Music: Best Of You - Foo Fighters

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Best Of YouFoo Fighters

Yes, you're correct, it's another back-to-back of the same artist! The reason? Because this was suggested next and it is an incredibly powerful song. Now this one, I wouldn't call so much a "hype" song as a song that sends a surge of energy through your soul. The way it crescendos into a loud, powerful, deep message, then relaxes back into peacefulness and reasonability, but then jumps back into intensity and directness. There's just something about the lyrics too that hit home with me so deeply. All my life I've had people take advantage of me and try to use me as a means to an end and they always ended up somehow getting the best of me in one way or another. Maybe it's because I let them have it and gave in... maybe it was because I was more naive to the world... Maybe it was because that's just how life goes sometimes.... Regardless, this song is a powerful reminder to never let people take advantage of you; It's a reminder to give yourself your best first.

Is someone getting the best, the best, the best, the best of you?

Stay safe out there during covid. Shit's apparently out of control all over again for the most part, so just try and use some common sense. This isn't really about rights with the mask shit, it's about common sense. I'm all for people who don't want to wear masks, not wearing them, if they want to catch the shit and die off, by all means, we've got an overpopulation problem anyway. For those of you with some fucking sense, just wear the shit to protect yourself, fuck your freedoms if you're dead, right? Use your heads. ;)


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