TWEET for 1 Million Bucks from Satoshi! - ONLY 4 HOURS LEFT!!!!!

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The blockchain needs you. Just THREE SIMPLE STEPS to help team Steem Clan win the 10th key in the treasure hunt! Worth 1 Million in Bitcoin!!!

Step 1:

You will be recording a short video of yourself doing a "wave." But first, you need to be assigned a "Tweet Block." To get your block assignment, go to the Steem Clan Server. People await you to assign you a block # and pamper you with instructions.

Step 2:

Record a video of yourself with the assigned Tweet showing in your video (again, you'll be assigned the Tweet you'll include)

Step 3:

Include the tags #satoshistreasure #clanchain #steemclan #(block number)[insert tweet user here]/status/1139971546322071552 and Tweet it!

Then share your Tweet with the server so they can make the next person put you in their block.

Make a post about it so we win. And feel free to round up the neighbors into the game! What would you do for 1 million dollars???

Join us in the Steem Clan server and they can walk you through it :

As Always




Hey Sarge. You did awesome helping everyone. You're always the quiet behind-the-scenes guy who everyone loves, and maybe takes for granted a little bit.

Thank you for the kind words.

I ardently believe that this could have been campaigned with very little money from the top. And normally I don't think it should be their responsibility to fund our activities. But if I had the cash, I woulda totally pitched in to basically reward the first 250 steemians for Tweeting the chain, and I'd pay you and someone else a couple hundred for the week to manage the server so it stayed organized.

And you guys woulda won. And that's important not only for economic reasons (investing in STEEM and PAL), but also, as far as owning the blockchain goes, it would have made international starlit crypto news to see the little DAPP chain team winning the Satoshi treasure hunt.

That's the kind of thing that should have been promoted by up top, because the blockchain would have significantly benefited from the economy of it and the publicity of it. For pittance, really.

Seriously. If I had had the expendible cash, I totes woulda just dropped it for all y'all. Because how often does a person get the opportunity to win $1 million bucks while also promoting something they love? Such a no-brainer to me. Why not anyone else?


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