Is partiko dead?

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  • no posts since 3 months
  • mentions functionality broken
  • displaying posts in a loop sometimes

I have now partiko and esteem both installed on my phone.
eSteem looks promising, but I don’t have the pleasant native app feeling on eSteem.
Also graphically not very attractive.

I did like partiko very much, but it looks like no work is being done on partiko.

Does anyone have an idea about what happened to @partiko?

If it stays like this I will remove my witness vote from partiko.

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According to the witness page they are inactive as witness since 3 weeks.
That’s it for me.
Removed my witness vote & removed the app.


That's sad news. Hopefully someone from Partiko comes in here and says something to let us all know what is going on. Or at least make a post on their own channel.

I miss the notifications on Partiko. I guess I'll have to finally add ginabot to my discord.

That’s the thing. They don’t post. They don’t respond to people on discord. Meaning they don’t really care I guess...

I think @partiko is BACK! I just looked through over 100 notifications the app just sent me on my phone. :)

I switched to eSteem sometime ago during to the same reason as you.
eSteem is not as slick as Partiko, but it can do much more.
Thought about making a post about a few weeks back, buuut didn't xD

eSteem doesn’t feel like a native app. It works ok, but it misses a bit user-friendliness.

Thats 100% correct.
I have gotten used to the eSteem app now tho and I uninstalled partiko som time ago.
But I like the feature that you can transfer steem from the app :D is the developer.
Not much activity there.
Hope he can fix it.

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At least some kind of communication would be good. Even if the fixes take a while. That’s the least they could do, but nothing...

There have been a few complaints and I'm having the same issues as you mention. Shame really, i like partiko

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For an app with such a great user base, it is very unresponsible not to post updates don’t you think?

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Yeah Partiko is not working as it should, and eSteem does not work well on my phone either, in particular there are a lot of images that does not show and the text is just way too small and not adjustable in any way, so I prefer Steempeak and Steemreply instead.

I notice these problems. Looks like they did keep up with the newest Steemit hard fork.

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No updates or anything unfortunately...

I wish they would at least be respectful enough to give an update on what’s happening. It’s very disappointing!

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That’s what I mean. Just let people know you have issues or if you plan quitting. For almost 3 months no updates or what so ever.

I've used Esteem almost as long as I've been on Steemit. Honestly, when I first started out the upvote they gave was basically the largest upvote I received.

Never really got into partiko and almost prefer to use steempeak on my phone now rather than either one of the apps, but I agree it's a real shame that they've stopped posting.

I try to get used to eSteem, but it is going to take some time I guess.

What I also like about Steempeak is that you can see the rewards of tribe tokens too, not only steem but also pal for example.

Yeah I really think they're currently leading the way on interfaces right now. Sad to see busy fall so far behind as well.

I hope not, at least points can still be redeemed.

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Yeah I’ve quit caring about the partiko points. In the end they are not worth a lot after all.

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True, and if you accumulate alot they drop the payout. But if you cash them in all the time they keep the price up. But still the payout is barely above dust level.

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Same situation as you! I have both of those and have started using to see mentions and replies. It'll be nice if they post updates

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Agreed. It’s really a shame they don’t post anything related to the project.

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