Neoxian Silver Miners on the Rise

in palnet •  4 months ago 

Well I've been poking around on steem-engine and I've been blown away by how fast the price of Neoxian Silver Miners have been rocketing upwards. When I first looked they were at 220 Steem per miner and now are trading at 320 and seem to still be on the rise. I'm regretting not dumping all my extra steem into them.

The miners are in a pretty interesting position for one main reason, there are only 76 of them. Compare that to LEO, which has 70,000 mega miners and another 250,000 regular miners. PAL has 100,000 miners and another 10,000 mega miners. And then there is SCT which has 990,177.063 miners. Pretty crazy for NeoXAg to only have 76 in comparison.

I've been trying to free up some extra steem to buy a few miners because I'm missing out on a rocket ship. I'm not sure how high the price is going to but it would have been a nice score to have bought a few when I first saw them on the market. Oh well better luck next time!

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