HODL The Tribes?

in #palnet7 months ago

I've recently decided to come back to steemit. All of the new tribes and tokens are making things very exciting! I think I might have to start hodling a few of these new tokens! I have a few options in front of me and I'll need to decide which suits me best (or maybe go for a nice variety?).

First we have PALnet. Peace, Abundance and Liberty, long time steem influence and now a popular tribe. Regardless of what I decide, I'm guessing I'll at least dabble in PAL.

Next up is LEO. I'm still learning about LEO but it seems to be fairly popular and it appears there are some cool things going in withint the tribe. One thing that caught my eye is @leo.voter a bid bot that allows user to pay in LEO and also burns part of the payment. It's an interesting concept and initiatives like this get me interested.

Finally is a fairly new tribe (I think), neoxian. Not really sure what this tribes name is but it's made by long time steemian Neoxian. It has two currencies related to it, which makes it a bit unique. The driving currency seems to be Neoxian Silver, and the other currency is Neoxian Gold. I think Gold is more for buying/earning services or votes from Neoxian while Silver is what backs the actual tribe.

Lots of options right now and I will be doing more research over the course of the week. I will definitely be finding out more about the miners attached to each tribe because I love me some mining!


What's the hook of Neoxian? I only ever heard of it as a lender.

Not really sure yet, they have the same mining as everyone else. They have a discord that I think gives away a bit of Neoxian Silver. I think it's mostly just a community type thing.

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