Fantasy Premier League: All available chips

in #palnet3 years ago

If you are new to FPL, it is good to know some of the tricky stuff there. FPL is not only about collecting 15 players at the start of the season. It is a marathon of 38 weeks where there is plenty of fun stuff to do. Playing your chips is always the best part of it. If you have played FPL last year, we will continue to have all those 4 chips this year too. Following are the 4 major chips:


  1. Free Hit
  2. Triple Captain
  3. Bench Boost
  4. Wildcard

In brief, there are 2 wildcards available and 1 each for other chips. Wild card let you make an unlimited transfer for a given week. You have the first wildcard in the first week of the season, while the second one for the second half.

The free hit also lets you make an unlimited transfer like wildcard but your team will revert back to original when the GW ends. Bench boost allows you to start all 15 players (11 from field and 4 from substitute) in your teams for that week. You will get points from all of them. With the triple captain, the point earned by your captain triples, unlike normal GW where it only doubles.

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