Why Covid-19 Became Pandemic

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Cities are on lockdown, workers are told to work from home, social gathering and sports events cancelled. The simple reason for this is Covid 19 commonly known as Corona Virus .
The world never envisaged such pandemic will uprise and spread like wide fire within four month of it's upsurgence.


Unceremoniously, it started in the city of Wuhan in China When people began falling ill in December 2019. Chinese government rose up to the occasion but it was rather late despite the swift actions of the government. It made head line in major media houses in the world, but world leaders didn't considered it as major disease that will bring the world economy to a stand still. I believe they obviously thought it was a China illness/disease that will be curtailed by China.

Nevertheless, for more than 2 decades China as become a powerful economy to reckoned with, actually becoming the manufacturing hub of the world. Millions of travels to and fro for business transactions. If such a high dense population geographical entity couldn't control this virus initially when it started then you can see why Covid 19 spread so wide and fast .

I have no doubt your current country of residence has at least one person that has being affected by Covid 19 . Well no need to panick, just observed simple hygiene by washing your hands with soap and water avoid large gathering as much as possible, don't hug and no hand shake for now. Remember life has no duplicate and prevention is better than cure. Stay safe

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