The Year Rolling Out Fast?: Welcome To November

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It's just the first day of the eleventh month of the year....!!! Oh..Oh....!!! may be I should have started by saying HAPPY NEW MONTH AND WELCOME TO NOVEMBER
We are just in the last phase of 2019 couple of days away we should be saying HAPPY NEW YEAR. However, taking a reflection in the last ten months I can still remember the great and wonderful time in January, February and March ..!! It seems like yesterday. Is the year really rolling fast to an end? Maybe I will say Yes!! or No! Does it look that way in your perspective?
All through the last ten months there were tears of Joy and tears of pain and heart break but all the same I am grateful I have made it this far. My Christian faith permits me to Give Thanks to God. So I am greatfull to You my God and King.
What have been your moments so far in the last ten months of 2019

Do have a blissful Month

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