Take A Look At Me...!

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Hello friends can you see me...?
We'll just carefully take a look at me and say something about it. However I can just help you out maybe a clue
Here it goes:

My eye sparks like a Sunny day
My mouth speaks words of life, its a reservoir of good tidings and epitome of disarming smiles

My hands are blessed, whatever it touch unfolds great fulfillment.
Always ready to give out helping hands
Warmth to give a good embrace to make,give a sense of belonging and friendship aura to that lonely, discouraged human.

Peak of my hands are my broaden shoulders,sure you can lean on it to conserve your strength.
You see, that's why I am your friend and brother.

My feets are strong, though I walk through the valley of uncertainty,my feets are guided to pass through with victory by the one and only everlasting supreme ONE.

I once crawled,then walked,my Feeble feets became stronger so now I can leap from the south to the north
I can run the race of time
This is me
I am wonderfully and handsomely made
That is why I am Who I am

What can you say about yourself

Big 💖❤️💗

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I totally agree with the message you wanna convey! ^^

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