Helping People Is A Big Deal

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Have you ever wish to render help, but it wasn't in your capacity to do it? Maybe you really wanted to help out but you didn't just have the capacity to provide that help. I have no doubt it didn't really go down with you because you couldn't just help out.

So many times I have seen on T.V people appealing for funds especially in million to pay for their medical bill; I have also come to realise that no one wants to be sick neither will anyone wants to go spend millions to upset medical bills. However I salute NGOs, good individuals that have taken up the burden on their selves to give help to less privileged ones.

The business of Helping people is a very good business,it's selfless and of a kind heart. You don't need to know who the person you are helping is,you might not care if you are not of the same tribe or country, the impact created when helping out on a particular situation is enormous that it can't be quantified. I maybe wrong on this but the satisfaction and relieve the receiver of the help gets it's just overwhelming. For Instance, I have seen a widow who couldn't just afford a root over her head getting discent accommodation. she couldn't just believe it when the keys of the house were given to her,not only that, document making her the owner of the house was also handled over to her ..waoh! This time she couldn't just hold herself again but just roll on the ground crying,thanking God and the person who made this possible. This type of scenario is the reason I believe the impact of help given can not be quantified.

Some times, I also wonder if helping out is based on the ground of compassion or love. Maybe I should better put it this way: should you help out because of love or you had compassion ? There are different school of thoughts on this case. Howbeit, irrespective you are helping out on the ground of love or compassion, the result or the impact created or received by the person who needs it matter most. There is this inner satisfaction you get whenever you give out a helping hand to a person or a family because you know you are not going to get a repayment. Yes..! no pay back 😄. Now let's look at this criticaliy.

Who are those you give help to.

Is it

  1. The less privilege
  2. People on the status with you
  3. Person(s) who are privileged than you

I know there are different opinions for this;.."different strokes for different folks" I will just give a little depth to the above issues.

  • People render help on either compassionate ground or because they love giving to less privileged persons. By doing this, they understand it warrants no payback.

  • People give out help to persons on the same status with them because they know if there is unforseen circumstances the same people will also stand out for them ( i.e reciprocate help to them)

  • Some persons prefer to give help to high class persons especially the rich because they want to get favour. Now what type of help can you give to the rich you may ask. Well you can be there to help out when they are having a big event like birthday party, wedding, anniversary..etc just be there for them running around during planning for such event. You will definitely be sure that there will be a compensation some how .

Do Have To Be Rich To Help?

I don't think you have to be a rich guy to help. In your own capacity, just do what you can. You might not give all the millions to upset that medical bill for that child that needs heart surgery but your little $10, €2 or ₦1000 can go all the way. Inaddition, I will also want to give kudos to those big shorts who have been pulling out millions from their pocket to save people round the world; No amount of awards or recognition is good enough for your benevolence gesture just keep the flag flying to make the world a better place.
"The business of Helping people is a big business deal".

BIG LOVE ❤️💚 💖

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