🌱Outdoor Grow Show Finale! The Girls Did Awesome This Summer!

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💁🌱 HIGH GUYS! Welcome to Part #4 The Finale!! Its almost time to Crop and these Purple Kush Beauties Are Looking Marvelous!!

EFFECTS (20).jpg

📷👀 We took a trip up in the mountains to visit the "Purple Kush Girls" today and WOW, THEY ARE LOOKING GORGEOUS! I couldn't wait to Snap these awesome pics as its my last trip up here, and get home to share them with you all! My hubby has done a fantastic job over the summer, hoping for a heavy yield, the sooner the better, as its starting to get cold at night and they are actually ready now but we are trying to hold on and keep them out as long as possible for bigger Buds, covering them up overnight.
🌱❄ Its supposed to be below zero this week up here in the mountains of British Columbia Canada so Cropping may come sooner then we think!! Hope you like my last pics!!

Note The Deep Purple Kush Color Change From My Previous post 17 Days Ago:


🌱📷 "All Creative, Photo, Food, Monomad, Lifestyle, Homesteading, Weed Pics. Taken By Me On My Google Pixel 2 XL Cell Phone, Check my new phones Specs. Here:"






00100dPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20191005144712213_COVER (1).jpg


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😎🍀 "About Purple Kush. ..." 🍀😎

"Purple Kush is a cross between two South-Central Asian indica landraces: Hindu Kush, from the mountainous Pakistan-Afghanistan border, and a purple-tinged variety of Afghani. With 100% indica genetics, it provides a slow and relaxing full body stone."

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🌄❤ "Blogging and cooking live from our Camper, up in the mountains of British Columbia Canada! HOPING to finish the other half of our house by this Fall!"

❤ "Being Creative, Living & Loving A Country Lifestyle, WHERE EVERYTHING IS GREEN,LOL!!!" 🌄



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Those plants are so beutifull!!

Oh thats really awesome! thanks so much @canna-curate its much appreciated!👍❤🌱

Those babies DO look amazing!!! 😍

Thanks for your awesome reply, they really turned out awesome this year we couldnt be happier!!❤🌱

Thanks hahaha, thats why I bought it for all the pics. I take and share here on the platform, thae camera is fantastic, theres a lot of stuff I have not even tried yet!🌱📷👀

Its almost like looking at a neon light sign. You all are going to have a wonderful winter! Beee buu bop, i am not a bot, I here that they are not liked around here a whole lot. LOl, sorry for telling the worst joke in history of comments, but im just getting warmed up, ;)

Hahahaha, Thanks ,I really loved your comment!!🌱😂😂😂❤

Hi Karen,

Welcome to ReggaeSteem, the #jahm tag is for posts about Jamaican culture and Reggae music. If you are going to talk about weed, try to make your posts more relevant to Rasta culture and Jamaica.


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I noticed other people used the tag for their weed posts so I thought it was relevent, anyways no worries I will not use or post in the #jahm tag again! PurpleKush is actually Afghani and not Jamaican, it was the first time I ever used this #jahm Tag and will be sure to not use it again.

It's perfectly fine for you to use, in fact Rastacat can help you learn how to tie in weed with Jamaica and Reggae

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