😋 Mmmm Linguine! Pasta La Vista Baby! 🍝

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😋🍝 Hope everyone's enjoying the Labor Day long Weekend! My internet's been out for a couple of days so i'm doing a quick Photo Share today of our delicious Linguine Pasta with with a Zesty Vegetable, tomato Sauce Topped off with Grated Marble Cheddar Cheese, prepared here in my camper high in the mountains of Beautiful British Columbia Canada. Hope you enjoy my pics!

😋🍝 Delicious and Nutritious, loaded with lots of veggies: Celery / Zucchini / Sweet Red Pepper / Onions / Garlic & Fresh Mushrooms, your family will love it as much as mine did!


😋🌄 All Lifestyle, homesteading Pics. Taken By Me On My Google Pixel 2 XL Cell Phone, Check my new phones Specs. Here:







😋🍝 Thanks for stopping by, your support is much appreciated! Enjoy the rest of your long weekend folks!

Check out the collage I created recently welcoming some of the New Tribes to the Blockchain!

Thanks for stopping by! Blogging live from our Camper up in the mountains of British Columbia Canada! HOPING to finish the other half of our house by this Fall!

Its A Country Lifestyle Choice!

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Now that’s how I would like all my veggies jazzed up, lol! Good luck with the home build looks good from where I’m standing

Thanks for your kind reply! yes, we are actually busy dry walling the bathroom today, slowly but surely!👍🍝😋