The eternal rest of Hazel, the curious mermaid

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Hazel was a very curious and somewhat rebellious mermaid, she had always been curious to discover the hidden wonders of her world, but what she really wanted to see was that mysterious outer world that was so much talked about and banned ...
Terrible stories were among the settlers. Great ships and strange creatures that attempted against their marine world. Once tried to climb very high, but after observing a great march of fish fleeing contrary to it, was intact to see that they fled and saw how a giant mesh was approaching where there were many fish trapped ...
After fleeing and being astonished with what she saw, she decided that she would go back up.
Hazel was the highest and I am surprised after seeing some creatures similar to her but not with fins but with two extremities (legs). He quickly tries to return to his village to say what he has just seen but he had not realized that he was surrounded by the great mesh, which went up very fast. He tried to leave, but it was impossible because of the large number of fish trapped. Her fear and despair invade her when she sees her move away from her world. She manages to see more ships and creatures never before seen by her ... but there her curiosity ends. The fishermen were surprised by the little mermaid that entered the palm of his hand and was placed in a tuna can. The mystery of the sirens was real ...

I hope you liked my little story.
My entry to the convention promoted by the great @juliakponsford =)

Eterno Descanso.jpg

Drawing process:
Illustration that I made on a sheet of white paper and colored with colored pencils.








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