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RE: STEEM PRICE & DEC in a free Fall?!

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I wouldn't worry too much - as long as there is demand for these tokens and they're using the STEEM blockchain, all is well. Like any market, it goes up and down, it's certainly not free fall. People can make any token or coin they want for in-game currency or whatever, but as long as it's using the steem blockchain, it's all good. It actually increases demand for Steem as people will exchange it for other tokens rather than flooding the external market.

If games go belly-up that's bad news. But if in-game currencies go down (like DEC), that's an opportunity to buy them up for CHEAP! The ability to buy and sell cards using DEC is a good thing, it just encourages more players, more demand for DEC - it's creating a sub-economy on the steem blockchain. This is good news for STEEM in the long-run.

What's good for the chain, is good for the coin, even if you don't use the coin.
(I think the consensus is that the chain is actually BETTER than the coin right now)


There are a lot of points around Splinterlands, that move anticlimactic. Just to mention a few:

  • Whales like @Exyle go over to the Concept of leasing their cards to others. That makes sense to both Players, but the Whale will constantly payout the DEC he makes through his 'Player', in order to execute his revenue and it shows that the Whale has lost the interest of playing the game himself. That is lowering the Reputation and has consequences for the DEC price.
  • Playerbase it not growing equivalently to what it should be for its current position in the Market. Imagine what the situation would be if there would be real competition and there will be soon enough.
  • Spliterlands has one of the most advanced Tournament creation System I've ever seen, but it's inaccessible to win even a single Round of a Game for most of the casual players and all newer ones. I played 5 or 6 Times in low-level Tournaments, 0 Rounds won with my Cards for ~100$. Why do you have a feature, if none can enjoy it below spending a few hundred Bucks before?

... trust me, I could go on for a very long time...

And there is one thing I really wanna know. If I buy a Booster via PayPal or CC, will my money be translated to the Blockchain at first and then I get the Booster-Pack or is the Booster Airdropped and the Money is pure FIAT revenue, while the DEC amount / Value of Cards inside the SPT System was increased by the value of my Booster's Cards. That would mean that the purchase of Boosters with FIAT, might inflict time-delayed inflation and could already have created a Bubble-Effect.

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