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Dear friends

after delegated to @pifc some of my unused staked Palcoins, i would like to delegate 7000 of my unuseful staked Sportscoins.

So i am waiting for some proposal in order to make them somehow useful if there is a valuable project can use them.

I can understand this Sportscoin is not very vauable in steem-engine, but in the topic of sports i wrote a lot of posts, especially for Dudelange, our beloved team.

So as usual i set a bounty in order to give reward to who will give me the best proposal to delegate those tokens and make them useful for some good reasons.


Interesting. I have been staking almost everything. But these poor tokens, they all keep falling and falling and falling... 🤔

and yeah most tokens on the tribes are in freefall but I never saw it as something other then a hobby/for fun anyhow. Very interesting to people watch on some though O.o

I would search the tag for this token and see who is active in posting with it. Start voting for the top ten people using the tag for few weeks. Then one or more of those people will end up being who you want to delegate to.

This method will help the tribe and token and let you find out if it is worth it. Plus you are helping others who are using it.

If we had a stake in a coin we would add it to the list. But we don't see to get very many sports posts featured so they might be kind of a waste with PIFC. Thank you very much for the PAL, it's helping boost our curation rewards.

Did you try to post on sportstalksocial? May be there you can find reliable people interested on it?

there are some communities that are about sports and diff genres and niches or you can just make your own for like a quarter,

Many coins loose their value, it is a pity a very good topic like sport have such so level token...

The value of this shit coin is so small that none know what to do with delegated tokens, who is behind this project is a play guy and not a team...

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