Another kind of bet...

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Dear friends

as you can see from my post image, our beloved coin is day by day loosing positions in Coinmarketcap, so this time i would like to propose another kind of bet than for sport.

This is the bet:

Will Steem go out from first 100 best coins in Coinmarketcap ranking within this year?

If YES, the bet will win double because i will power down and give those shit coins, who will bet NO, will get a bet for free for Dudi on next weekend.

So these are the choice to do bet within next weekend:

  1. YES! This means Steem will become a shitcoin within this year.
  2. NO! Steem will keep into the top 100 coins.

Who will bet YES! must wait till begin of next year to know the result, who will bet NO! will get a free bet with the same amount for Dudi OK next weekend.

All friends who will bet will got upvote and rewards by steem-bounty.


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Bet done! I believe in Steem and you....

Bet sent, NO! To believing in Steem and Dudi...

Voted !NO, I think it will stay in TOP 100. !BEER to you

@intellihandling I don't see it happening. Not making a bet on this one, but will just say the odds are pretty slim IMO.

Definitely NO!

No! Not possible

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I'll bet no.I have faith in our token.

Dear @nurseanne84, so you can send any amount and get a free bet on next match of Dudelange and get upvote on your comment ti get your bounty portion...☺️

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Hey @intellihandling, here is a little bit of BEER from @ritxi for you. Enjoy it!

I think we will stay in the top 100. But I use @coingecko now since they are better than coinmarketcap and a good supporter of STEEM.

Coinmarketcap is based on true fiat money invested on the coins, so this is the only right way to see how a coin have good reputation in market, we all support Steem but we need to see in reality how the world look at it and it seems not so well, Steem loose over 50 positions in last year, so we need to get better work by our management, going out from top 100 will be disaster for a coin having over than 3 years old...

I didn't come here for the Coin's Reputation, I came here for the experience and the social side of this block chain, so I don't really care :-) You needed a 3rd option: Don't Care

@intellihandling, I will go with "NO! Steem will keep into the top 100 coins."

Have a great time ahead and stay blessed.