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Check out the post I just resteemed, looks like Steem is getting a HardFork into Hive now. Will be interesting to say the least.

Sounds like you got a bad case of a lingering flu? Wishing you well!!

I went throught he gallbladder thing to. Funnily enough i'm pretty sure i was low grade poisoning myself via bad food with all the fast food i ate for lunch for years, these energy powders i mixed into water had Red 40 and other bad shit in it, other foods with additivies and bad stuff in it. I think my body finally said ENOUGH and was basically shutting down. Went on a 300 to 400 calorie a day diet cause thats all i could handle. Took me almost 9 months to start feeling back to normal.

Oh, and watch out for Anti-Caking agents being used in shredded cheeses, in sauces, cereals. That clogs you up, your body can't get it out quick enough and builds up. Another thing I just discovered I have terrible problems with is the Cyanide they are putting in salts now. Its like Yellow Prussiate of Sodium or something they call it, but its lowkey cyanide. Had a bit of the Iodized salt on my food other day and i was having bloating within hours and felt like i had hyper tension and hot flashes of like being poisoned. its terrible.

I really started reading EVERY label on food and its crazy. Theres Red 40(aka COAL) in fruity pebbles cereal, in Swiss Rolls(AKA ho hos) in snaks, in freezer foods, anything that is red. Its crazy. Its literal coal. I was drinking energry powers with Red 40 Yellow whatever Blue whatever in it daily for like 6 or 7 years.

@tf writing


catch me over at HIVE, I'm done here (should reply to you over there, too :>)

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