My 1st Post at PALnet | Finally came out of shell & try it, yay!

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And so here I am typing my first post at after some delay due to other commitment outside of Steem & PAL. I am excited about this new project of course!

It brought me down the memory lane when I first joined Steemit and everyone was talking "must register at PAL discord" as they support Steemians by giving free upvotes. I was equally as clueless about curating as I was in upvoting so I just did whatever people adviced me. Still, until today, I cannot be thankful enough for PAL network who keeps supporting people here by giving them community upvotes via the discord channel. BIG THANK YOU!

Screenshot from my phone

The first comment I received from PALnet!

was the above which got me very excited about this community. I was like... "wow, we can do such thing at Steemit!!!" You know, as new users, we were full of excitement.

And now PALnet just level up once again into this new venture with PALcoin. Etc.

I have read the whitepaper and still have many more stuff to learn but all in all, I have my utmost honor for @aggroed and the passionate teams behind this project.

My best wishes to PALnet and Steem on!

And PAL on!

Lol... Haha.

Remember to check whether do you have any claim for PALcoin at and click from the menu "wallet".
If there is a claim for you, you should be able to see the PALcoin icon at the left hand side, such as the photo below.



Photos above taken from PAL discord

Power House Creatives Logos FINAL_round.png
20180212_193505 (1).png




Wow, I didn't even know we can post from, it looks just like Steemit!! Thanks @iamjadeline!

I was also just jumping into the bandwagon after I notice so many "My first post on PALnet" 😉

I just staked all of my PALS from the share drop. I'm excited to see what comes of that take on this platform.

MSP / PAL has been around for a very long time - it launching its own token is pretty interesting.

Yes it is an interesting project. Looking forward for its establishment =) thank you @holoz0r =)

I remember PAL😀 You power up PAL?

Was thinking whether to power up or not. Want to know more before I do it. But I guess, soon the only best way is to power up. =)

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I've done 2 posts on palnet and got 3 pal for both so am thinking it's not worth it. From what I've gathered about palnet is it is a fork of steemit and what you do there goes on steemit as well. For me it's another place to post, but right now I'm happy to stay with steemit and do just one post a day. If I could use my old posts there as I do on weku then I would post there as well, but I'm not sure you can as you would be posting the same post back to steemit again.

As long as this way works the best for you, then awesome!!! =)

I joined the program as well yesterday. ;)

You are so fast! =)

I want to stay updated about this blockchain and I need to try the new stuff out there! ;)

Wow not bad! You already earned 10 PAL in this post! I haven't really tried it yet on this account but I think my stakes are not powerful enough to even generate 0.01 PAL hahaa.

Actually I also do not know how much PAL I can give per vote if I stake them. I got 570 PALcoin only, not much also. 😝

I claimed my Pal coins but I am yet to try it out, hmmm I shall get on it . Seems to be the rave of the blockchain at the moment

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Yeah. Many people talked about it past few days so I also tried it and see how it goes... =)

I just claimed mine
And reading up on the different posts about it
I guess, next is to stake it :)

I am still waiting and watching whether to stake or not. Haha..

I still need to make my first post. But like you, I am away from the computer a lot...

The time will come... We all have long lists of things to do. 😁

oh wooh, I am also going to write my first post on palnet soon. 🙌

Alright yay!!! =)