Angela a life lived. Flintshire Visited November 2019 (picture heavy)

in #palnet4 years ago

I really didn’t know what to expect from this one, I was in the area doing a couple of other places, I had an inkling there was something in the woods having seen an obvious derp on google earth; there was no street view as it was off all roads I approached down an overgrown muddy path between fields.

As I have said before I think I am immune to nettles, but the bane of my life are bramble creepers, I am forever tripping over them or getting my legs scrapped by their evil thorns.

Joy of joys an abandoned car and cottage awaited me.

Access was a bit awkward through the collapsed kitchen window, yes surrounded by the bastard brambles, and catching my nuts on the sink taps scrambling through; I took a minute sat down to recover!

The further in I went the better it got, so much treasure, (I’m not a pirate, but the word Treasure sits perfectly in my mindset). Yes kids music did exist before Spotify, iTunes et al!

Angela was quite a collector of books and an obvious avid reader. Finding some photographs through her ages, she seems a glamorous and quite attractive lady, so sad to think she died alone here. There was no evidence of “men’s things” nor of children’s bits and bobs anywhere.

Enjoy the story in pictures










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Awesome.. and interesting to get a feel on your tactics of google maps. What the hell is this?

Looks scary!

It’s dead! @slobberchops 😂
It’s the remnants of a fur coat hanging in the ward robe doors

You could catch something from even been too close to that!

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