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in palnet •  18 days ago  (edited)

I'm not quite sure if this will turn out well or not, but I thought I would like to give it a try. As any of you who know me, I like to post pictures of my sweet little Brownie. So here are a few of her.

She loves to roll in the grass on our walks.

That's enough for now. Stay tuned for more Brownie.

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Looks good enough.
Remember, Partiko actually only allows 5 tags when you create the post for the first time (excluding the partiko hastag. It will add itself later)

But once you have posted, you can virtually edit the post and add it up to 10 hashtags (excluding partiko)

You can give that a try.


Oh, I didn't know that. Thanks for the tip!

@gregory-f was the dog looks so happy. Great you used Partiko. I love it and use it all the time. As you saw the points can add up.

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It was really easy to use once I got the hang of it and the points are great!

These are really very nice photos of Brownie :)

Thank you @suntree!

brownie loving it in style :D

She's ready for the snow this winter now that she has a warm coat to wear.

What an adorable dog!

Thank you @momzillanc!

It worked using @partiko. You can also see if Appics works for you. I wish you a great day. 💕

P.s. @dpet hosts #dailypetphotography!

Thanks @wakeupkitty, I hope you have a great day also. I'll look into Appics and #dailypetphotography. Maybe I'll find Brownie a few more fans to adore her like I do.

@gregory-f I think you will for sure. Good luck and a happy day and hug for Brownie. ❤️

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