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At the moment there is 2,253,259 PAL staked by 4721 accounts.
37 days ago it was 2,107,923 PAL staked by 2548 accounts.
Huge raise in staking accounts caused by rewards coming in 50% staked.

+145 367 PAL staked in the last 37 days. Issued 165 168 PAL.
staked to issued ratio: 91% - very good sign for PAL.


37 days ago it was 0.36 steem for 1 PAL. Now it's 0.12, a huge drop in price. Token sale order is not placed on the market anymore and we can see market depth:


Power Distribution

Better distribution or just more accounts with a low stake?

PAL Power Distribution 1.png

PAL Power Distribution.png

PAL Power Distribution Over Time.png


Excluded PAL from token sale order.

PAL Liquidity 1.png

PAL Liquidity 4.png

Disclaimer: I’m not a financial advisor. The content in my post only serves as information about PAL. Any information in this article is not an advice nor recommendation to either buy or sell. :)

It is cool that you provide this useful information.

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It is cool that you provide this useful information.

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Can you write similar analytical analysis on LEO too? It is counter-intuitive that PAL's distribution got better and more PAL get staked, but price went down 3X.

I think more LEO is staked( like 92% ) will check that soon

Nice analysis thinking of powering up my pal and Leo account soon cos I know they will moon back to listing price

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