Palcoin - Dumping day report + simple contest with 1 steem prize

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I have prepared 18 steem to gamble(invest) on palcoin. I was considering 2 options, buying miner token or play with palcoin on steem-engine when dumping starts, after people will claim their coins. I choose second option.

When claiming option was enabled, palcoin price slowly goes down and reach 0.033 min price, i was lucky to sell few claimed coins at 0.7, but just a few cause i didn't expect so deep dive from palcoin. Anyway i made few more trades and now am around 300% profit with my gambling :) i think that was much better choice than buying miner, and i can still do it when price will raise and it will be more profitable.

Now price circulating between 0.1 and 0.2 steem, with 24h volume passing 1000$ right now.
As i made profits today i will share some with you:


Guess the palcoin price!

Nothing required...
How much palcoin will be worth after 24h? Just guess the price in steem. Simply put a number between 0.001 and 0.999 in comment. Would be nice if u tag someone to try it too :)

U have 17 hours to entry contest, till 1PM UTC. I will check the price randomly between 8PM and 8:30PM.

0.3 steem best pick
0.25 steem second best pick
0.2 steem third best pick
0.02 steem for next 10 best picks
0.05 for a lucky random one
1 steem total, 14 people wins

Good luck!

If u didn't claim your palcoins yet, or u need more informations about it check this post:


Are we guessing the price in steem or usd? It's hovering around .1-.14 right now.

steem, i will update it, thanks

I'll guess 0.09 STEEM/Palcoin

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Guess 0.23

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0.06 steem value.

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