Managing your tribe voting powers with economicstudio tool

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It is a very simple app, made by @blockchainstudio, which helps you keep track of tribes voting powers on your accounts.

Simple edit link with your account name and token name

It's very helpful if you have stake on multiple accounts or you keep all your stake at one.
You can bookmark pages for all your accounts then just open it all at once to check your powers. Or just keep them open and refresh from time to time to check if any of your VP is sitting at 100%


Of course, there is more than just observing your VP. U can see how many tokens u delegating or receiving, the value of your tokens in steem or $dollars. Another great option is a voting multiplier, very helpful to vote less popular tribes with more power than a normal vote value.


How does it work? It's very simple when you voting something with 10% and you set x3 multiplier your vote on that tribe will be worth 30%.
If you are using one account for all the tribes, u can set it to 99, visit tribe page and, curate by giving 1% vote in steem and 99% in that tribe. Then u can simply change it back to 1x. That way you barely used your Steem Voting Power, but your tribe voting power will be around 80% after 10 votes.

Another great thing is scotauto. A very simple way to set auto-claim for your account.


Currently, there is no automatic enrollment process, so please be patient.

After setting this up, by following instructions on that page, u may need to wait for a little before autoclaim starts working. No more claiming on Steem-Engine, sounds good?

With that tool managing, your voting powers and rewards will be easier and u will have more time to write posts or curate. And maybe in the future, we will see more interesting features which will help in our journey with scot tribes.

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