Comparing Tribes (MarketCap/Staked/Users/Rewards)

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If you planning to put some money into tribes, it's good to check some details first.
I didn't make it for all tribes, cause there are too many already, and some of them are too young.
All in the table, then some charts for specific topics.

looks like that table is not working on steemit, but it's visible on steempeak... So I changed it to image :P didn't know that steem tables not working properly ...

tabela tribe.PNG

Staking Users.png

Market cap in dollars. Excluded SportTalk with 55M $ market cap :O. Logarithmic scale to make all the tokens visible.

Market Cap In Dollars.png

Staked To Circulating.png

Issued rewards per week. Excluded SportsTalk with 16M rewards per week. 2 charts - one with rewards from 100k to 1M, and another one with rewards at 16-38k.

Issued Rewards Per Week 100k1M.png

Issued Rewards Per Week 16k38k.png


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Wow I thought Battlegames has more staking users :D Maybe that's because a lot of people I follow play Splinter lands :D

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I stake 100% in Battlegames!💯

I will stake all battle I get from Post rewards. I really like that tribe.

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Wow @gerber ! As an investor and Stake 100% of all Tribe tokens received , this is great information! Who do you think is the Top 5 Tribes to hold a Stake in most, after considering all this information!? 💯🙋 upped and resteemed #steemleo #palnet #neoxian #sct

5? I staked only 2-3, as I don't have time for effective curating. I think we need to spread awareness about voting bots from tribes, so people will use that, instead of just selling tokens.

Effective curating will give you around 20-30% return from staked tokens ( in tokens) may be more with tokens that have 100k+ weekly reward pool (but here probability of a token losing value is higher). So it's all about faith and good background check (owners/ideas for future/content/printing ratio)

By effective curating, I mean keeping voting power for tribe stake at 90%, it's harder from one account, if using a few accounts it may be time-consuming. Vote weight multipliers help a little with that.

It's gambling :D

Hard to make sense of the issued tokens with all the different floats.

Hard to make sense of
The issued tokens with all
The different floats.

                 - nealmcspadden

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Interesting view of info here.
Thanks for the share.
Palnet's going strong.
I really like what I am seeing with CreativeCoin.

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Graph got cropped but it's best viewed in Steampeak.
Here's a !BEER for posting again after 8 days. Hahaha

Great info thank you 😁

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Very nice information right here, thanks @gerber! ✌

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