Pfff, some plans turn out to be a bottomless pit!

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Euhm, where do we start here. Last summer during the first lock-down we did buy a swimming pool. Our vacation was cancelled and we still want to have some kind of holiday atmosphere around the house. So a build up pool was purchased.
And due to the fact that our backyard is relative big, a bigger pool was purchase. 7.2 X 3.3 meters.

This was placed at the back of our yard. After setting it up and filling it with water it was clear that it wasn't standing completely level. So improvements were needed.

Another thing that annoyed my personally was the stupid placement of the shed. The shed itself is/was 4.5x5 meters, but the previous owners did place it so that a part of the backyard was more or less lost.
Besides that the shed was standing there more than 20 years and it started to wear out.


So we decided to start a small overhaul of a part of the back yard!
The idea was to create a concrete deck of 5.5 x 17 meters, so that the pool could be set up and that we would buy a new shed. This new shed would be more like a pool house.


The new shed would have 3.5 x 7 meters as dimension. With the first 3.5 x 2.5 meters as a real shed, and the rest more like a pergola. We quickly new about the style and dimension of the pool house, but then the misery did start.
It appeared that we were not the only one with this idea. Some company even didn't had time within 2 months just to make a price indication. Other were so expensive that it was not our cup of tea and so on.
Finally we signed a contract, but it will only be installed in ... euhm ... November. Sigh.

So the first hurdle was taken, the next step was what we would do with the concrete deck. Tiles, cobblestones, stone carpet or anything else.
And again we were blown away by the prices. The make the story short(er) a stone carpet has been ordered. The advantage of this above all other options is that it is water permeable, it doesn't require a lot of attention and the options go far beyond your imaginations!

Make or buy?


Okay lets get back to the basis, the concrete deck. The question was here do it ourselves or should we hire a company to do this. The basis of course has to be perfect otherwise for sure with such a heavy swimming pool on top. This means that were the deck has to support the swimming pool that it should be thick enough and reinforced.
After receiving a price indication, which was way higher than we expected, we really came into the make or buy decision. A question which we still haven't answered. While I do know that the buy decision probably would be the smartest decision, I still think that we would use safe us some money by doing it ourselves. Money which could be used for other things.
I have to honest and admit that maybe our idea how much this would cost was probably way too low and maybe a little bit naive.
Guess I will have to bite this bullet today. Because time is also an issue if we do want to set up the pool in time so that it can heat up!

But beside these costs there are plenty of other cost we have to take into calculation. Like furniture and dressing up the roofing. Probably I am still forgetting some things.

In the end the price of it all will be the double than our original idea. Of course the Covid Pandemic, the steep increase of Wood prices and the scarcity of wood for sure doesn't help us!



But luckily we also did some recycling. I am turning the old shed into a wood shelter for besides the house. The frame already is set up, I still need to buy some EPDM to make the roof of it waterproof and attack the roof to each other. Next up is cleaning the place where it will stand and than I can install it.

We knew that owning a house is a never ending improving and renovation pit. But it is in the human nature to change things and improve them. And once you are down with everything you probably start all over again :(
Still owning a house is one of the best investments. But unlike the stock market or crypto you aren't investing to make money, you are more or less paying to satisfy yourselves. Money investment in the house will in almost all cases never be completely recoverable if you ever sell the house (besides a complete overhaul).



Wow... that first picture of this fantastic shed was just awesome. I started to get really envious here, and then I noticed that it didn't look exactly like that now... but wow, I felt inspired - I want something like that! And for the same reason...

After 1 year in lockdown with kids in the house, you just want to give them something at home since you cannot go elsewhere... so I totally get the feeling with a large pool, a shed... everything!

And of course, a house is a work in progress until we die... Cheers!!