Mega Man 2 impressions - Metal Man

in palnet •  15 days ago  (edited)

One Robot Master a day keeps Dr. Wily away

Metal Man, so standing, much patient

You are the kind of easy boss I can enjoy. You only attack when I attack you. What a gentleman. I felt like we had all the time in the world. Ironically, it's kind of sad how you got broken up so quickly.

As the second Robot Master I've downed, Metal Man presented a concrete challenge and an unique gimmick. Mega Man 1 bosses rushed you like no tomorrow so I'm glad fights got diversified in this sequel.

Although it's not as easy as Heat Man, all you have to do is time your shots so you always hit him when he's landing. He jumps whenever you shoot and throws you spinning blades, but they are sort of easy to dodge as long as you keep your distance. He doesn't attack or move if you don't.

The level: easy breezy

I didn't expect not having any difficulties in a Mega Man 2 level, but this was as smooth as it could get. It only took me 3 continues to beat it completely, Metal Man included. Sweet!

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