Don't trust influencers, but don't ignore them either

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You might want the same thing as them, but you have to remember... They're not neutral.

While they are probably holders of that coin themselves, it might not be the case. Bringing up different projects in their opinions is a way to get attention to them - which they could be focused on instead.

Or maybe they want to bring a coin down by using an apparently horrible choice of words and arguments. Leaving out crucial information to their followers is another tactic. What if they're just waiting until that token's value drops so they can buy in!

These may not sound like a big deal to you since it's just one person sharing they're thoughts, but are you sure they are working alone? Being part of a group would certainly bring them more followers and help them drive prices to where they prefer.

Even so, you can't pretend they're not there. Because if they care, then that project is getting attention from someone. Either positive or negative attention. That's the most important thing about influencers in high profile markets. If they care, they are probably not the only ones who do.


Saudações, @felipejoys

Realmente, man!!! Acho que o os influenciadores, além de conhecer um pouco mais que a maoiria sobre algum assunto, possuem principalmente a questão do carisma aliado á eles. Precisamos tomar muito cuidado com a forma como quem possui muito carisma o utiliza, pois, podem estar manipulando tanto a informação quanto a mente das pessoas que as recebem, então, é bom que realmente os conheçamos, mas, que tenhamos filtros para saber verificar a informação!!

Obrigado e boa tarde!!!

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Exatamente. Nunca se sabe qual a real intenção por trás de algum post deles.

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Yes, may youtubers I have seen talk about a coin fail to give the full picture. Is that because they don't know the full picture or they are hiding a hidden motive?

Could be any of the two, could be both, neither, or they could be making a video about it because they need the money from ads! Certainly they are experienced in stalling people. Keep their opinions on your radar, but never take them for granted.

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