The gift of Corona

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This might sound strange but personally I am currently thankful for the Corona Virus.
Of course I regret all the people who are sick and possibly dying but I have decided to try and see the best in things.

So I looked around and found a lot of things to be thankful for and found that focusing on those made me feel better and optimistic instead of seeing everything gloomy and doomy.


The main thing I have won is TIME

  • Time to go walking with the dog
  • Time to have a nice conversation with my wife
  • Time to read a few books I have kept postponing
  • Time to do an online course in SEO
  • Time to do nothing and feel ok about that
  • Time to cook and try new recipes
  • Time to sleep in once in a while
  • Time to cut down on useless spending
  • Time to clean the apartment top to bottom

What have you won, what are you thankful for in these times of global fear and panic?


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