Short story: In his head

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He slept all through the morning when he is usually up by 5am, I guess it's as a result of been awake although the night watching the market as his portfolio has greatly depreciated having less than $100 with no cash in the bank he is gradually losing touch with reality and has lost lost of pounds in weight which may be as a result of smoking, which was the habit he picked up during his university years after now he is heavy user of cannabis as no day goes by without him smoking one joint.

It made him procrastinate a lot having a sharp and bright mind but yet still day dreaming all day instead of working towards all the dreams he has created he still keeps living in his. Fantasy and when in reality his life sucks daily although he denials it and says it give him inspiration but clearly looking at him his life is slipping to trash and he doesn't see it.

He later got up by 1am only to find out he has no food to eat and was too lazy to cook as a result of the syrup he took the previous night, drug is never the answer to solve one's problems rather it makes it worsen.

He keeps praying for divine intervention and inspiration when he has bluntly refuse to work hard thinking he is working smart. Always having a excuse to give and yet cant find the right word to express himself these days

One who has been ordained by God for great things is been crippled but substances that he can do without. So he took the decision to change his tide in the sands of time because it now seems as if he is enchanted and doomed to fail by forces which speaks against him.

He always prays that God should give him the strength and grace to push through and the wisdom to save him self.

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