Amen my friend. I've sent several emails to the White House.

Have you posted articles about your emails in order to encourage others to do the same?

My emails?

Did you say you sent emails to the White House? If so, or if others did, I think some articles, videos, etc, could talk about those emails to help other people send emails, to call their senators, to write them letters, to go see them in person, the governors, mayors, presidents, representatives, the town halls, etc.

I'm not sure the WH even reads them (unless you're a donor). The best way is to contact your district Rep and Senator... just remember it will likely get you put on a "list." I contacted my Rep about immigration and he sent me an email about cloture in the Senate being the most important issue... I sent him one back calling him a feckless cunt. Tom Cotton sends you a stock reply "Thanks for contacting me, blah, blah, blah. John Boozman is really good, he always sends a heartfelt reply and is concerned about the issues and he listens.

To get a WH response it will take volume- thousands of emails. I send them in hopes that it may make a difference and it has... I'm on a FBI list now lol.

I would still encourage people to write to the WH.

So would I... the more the better!

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