The Shitty Dapps of Steem

in #palnet3 years ago (edited)

You know what @logic liked the most about me?

It's the fact that I used @dlike and @share2steem properly.

The problems with the shitty dapps on Steem was that most of them relied on some sort of delegation in order to function. Basically, @aggroed and @yabapmatt are the only persons that ever made stuff that worked without massive STINC delegations.

Even now, I bet they are running on Justin daddy's subsidies. Wonder how long that will last? I'm sure he has a deep pocket for things that are not profitable.

Let's not even get started with @steemhunt. Nobody uses their "reviews" anyway.

PS - @SteemPeak did more than any mofos who claimed to work on the Steemit frontend without much of a god damn funding.


Have a witness !BEER

Does that bot even work these days?

it is a bot, working! stinc delegations.
Working..ish ;)

It's a fun dapp. Does it work on Hive yet?

I am 50% sure, it does!

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