Reward card pull and thoughts about the difficulty

in #palnet2 years ago

No the pull I had a few days ago but still a nice pull!

Bildschirmfoto 2019-09-08 um 10.10.41.png

I took a few months break and I really have to say it got much more difficult in climbing up the leagues. A few months back it was quite easy for me to get to diamond or even champion league but now it is even hard to stay gold. Trying to build up my teams to counter this and my target would be diamond for this season.


I’ve found the same thing. It’s not surprising considering there is only 14% of the beta packs left.

I agree, consistent diamond for the last 6 orn7 seasons, even with buying hundreds of packs I am struggling to climb to diamond this year. Losing 2 days really hurt too. I need to really push and get back to diamond 2. Honestly at this point I might just quit playing my daily Quests for a day or two and focus 100% on climbing for the end of the season

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