My Second Steem Anniversary

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Time flies, it's my second SteemVersary! So much has happened in the last two years, ups and downs, bugs and fixes, projects, programming, community involvements, friendships, reaching the top 20 of witnesses, etc. The cryptocurrency world has become a highly competitive playground where Steem experienced a bumpy road, but it's still here and will keep going. Just like bitcoin has the advantage of being the first cryptocurrency, Steem also has the advantage of being the first crypto social media. Despite the setbacks and delays (SMT's and communities), we saw the birth of projects like Steem-Engine and just recently, by the people and for the people, which in a way deliver on the same promises as SMT/communities. This shows that the community cares about Steem, and with enough effort things can happen on Steem.

There are other competing projects looming on the horizon, some may feel threatened by them, but for me Steem remains #1 and I think the competition won't match us. Granted, we still have the problem of spam and abuse, but it's part of human nature and there's no other social media immune to that. I remain committed to Steem at 100% and I don't, never will, endorse any of the competitors. Hopefully on my third Steemversary we would reach the moon. Until then, champagne for everyone.

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Happiest of days, dearest Drakos — the very best pirate on the very best blockchain. ⭐️🙌🏼⭐️ Here’s to another year and then some! 🥂

ps — I shared this post on PYPT over on @shadowspub’s Ramble, ‘ deserve recognition and block-wide appreciation/celebration. ⭐️

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Yay! Congrats 🎉🎊🎈🍾. Glad you’re still here. Yes, Steem to the moon! 🌙

Hola amigo... congrats! Few months and hopefully will celebrate same too ;)

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Happy steem anniversary 😉👍🎉
That is amazing and time just flies.
I actually think that today is my second anniversary to... I saw my account was create june 13th... Lol

Its crazy 2 years has passed and all The amazing People we met on The way and all The achivement.
You have done good for yourself and should be proud.

I wish you Another year of success and Great Journey.
Again Congrats... Mad Respect!

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You have been a huge blessing to this platform and it is because of people like you, whose sheer determination and strength never wavered that we still have this running.

Through the ups and downs, you have always been a bright light. Happy Anniversary. 2 years and counting...

Happy Steemiversary @drakos!

Happy 2 years Anniversary! Amazing how time flies 😉

Happy anniversary! Time flies when you are having fun! haha

Congrats or Sincere Condolences whichever way you want to look at it. :)

Happy Anniversary cheers to you @drakos :D
My 2nd anniversary is in this month also of June.
Lots of projects coming out from steem, we will dominate the crypto social media scene indeed. You are right no social media is immune to spam and abuse but the devs are working on it to improve user experience and bring us all up to the moon!

Happy Steemiversary for sure @drakos !

Many many Congratulations!!

You were one of the first persons who helped me understanding where my dust payouts were gone. I am talking about February 4, 2018.

Thank you. 😁


2 years it would seem quite a bit, but it's a hell of a lot :0)

Thanks for support!

Happy Steemversary! :-)

Happy 2nd Year Sir @drakos
May your Wishes Come True
Milestone Achieved..
God Bless


Happy 2nd Anniversary @drakos.

I had forgotten about my 2 year point - just checked and realised it is today as well!

@crimsonclad too :)

Happy anniversary @drakos! And best wishes frrom Russia! Steem on!

Congrats on reaching this milestone! You are an awesome asset to this place, and I am glad that @zipporah shared the news on PYPT! Many nice things were said about you! 😃


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Congrats @drakos I'm glad you stayed on, see you at 3!

Congrats on two years! Just hit it myself not all to long ago. Honestly can't believe it has been two years already whenever you look back at it you wonder where the time has gone lol.

Gotta remember everything you accomplished in that time though its been good!

Happy Steemversary! At last I was able to congratulate you for your two years of hard work, people appreciate you! That's why they give you their vote of confidence. You are the most loved pirate of Steemit.

PS: Several things happened with this publication, neither in busy, nor steemit, nor anywhere, I wanted to let you comment.

YEAH ! 😊 ❤️


Your art has been my favorite since I discovered you. Thanks.

Thank you so much, this make our fancy heart sing ! ^_^

Immensely splendid.

Don't mind if I do! 🥂 Happy 2nd Steemiverseary!!! I hope you are right about Steem to the moon this time next year!! 🎶🌻🍉

Snap man! @zipporah dropped this on PYPT so had to come say congrats on keeping a steady keel my man. STEEM is still #1 in my book and always will be. Regardless how many copycats show up.

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Happy 2 year steem anniversary!

Congratulations on being on the blockchain for 2 years 🍻

WOW... 2 years is lot :) it is happy to see :)
I be honest I have been here last 3 years :)

Happy Steem Birthday @drakos

Happy SteemVersary mate. And how long have you been a witness for?

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Happy 2 Years Drakos!
June is also my 2 year anniversary!❤️

We're the same generation of Steemians :)

Found on #PYPT. Happy Steemversary! I love the Steem blockchain too.

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Happy Steemit Birthday 🎂🍰🎂🍰

@drakos congrats on your 2nd steem versary!! Very Happy for you and let's all hope it flies to the moon my friend!! 2!

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Congratulations @drakos! You received a personal award!

Happy Birthday! - You are on the Steem blockchain for 2 years!

You can view your badges on your Steem Board and compare to others on the Steem Ranking

Vote for @Steemitboard as a witness to get one more award and increased upvotes!

Thanks, I was waiting for my badge, like last year.

Happy Steem Anniversary @drakos. Such a wonderful achievement. Best wishes for the journey ahead. Wish to see your 3rd 4th and many more anniversary post

Congrats and I have also celebrated my 2 years today.....
I am glad to still be here with the legends...

Greetings, @drakos

Congratulations for your steem birthday!!!

thx for all your support in help chat!

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