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Getting in touch with your center of infinite intelligence and possibilities eludes me a lot, but hey so long my focus is to listen and look and try, who knows ?
Sat in front of a Judge today, I was up to dispute a tax credit claim, the HMRC, who instigated the claim, didn't have the courtesy to show up and invalidated the whole tribunal, by instigating a new mandatory decision, so the judge had no power, thus wasting both our times. I suggested to the judge that this sort thing should be made more transparent and that I was thinking of making a documentary about the procedures ect.. to my surprise, he thought it was a great idea !
mmm might just do that

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On the whole judges take a very dim view of people wasting their time. Simply because it is a gig like job. That is to say they never know how long a trial is to take and so can't plan ahead for any significant period of time. So if they have to turn up to a case where it was not worth turning up to I know I would be miffed for sure. Especially against and extension of the government like the HMRC.

Really it would make a good book to write about the ins and outs of the legal system.

Or maybe that is just because I miss Rumpole of the Bailey ;)