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There is a dragon, it has two wings, a left and a right, if you endorse either one you feed the same beast, neither has your interest at heart. There is the same agenda on both sides, one of war division and control, this has gone on for so long that people are now seeing the cracks in the system. If I am wrong, please come and tell me how you justify killing another human being ?
Yet another election is coming here in the UK, people still being fooled that their voice counts in a corrupt system, it has already started to happen with people starting to realize the lies. Please don't give up, you are special !


I don't vote and I have lived long enough to realise that it wouldn't make any difference anyway. I agree that the object of the politician is always to increase his own power. It is never the welfare of the people and the purpose of elections is simply to give us the illusion that we have some control.