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It's a dark place, it's hard to see, but this affects both you and me,
the cracks are showing, don't turn away, the trauma is real, don't shoot the messenger, by blocking off, you are part of it all, it's time to find or you wont have peace of mind.
Mother Earth has had enough, she's splitting away, dividing in two, creating a new fifth dimensional world, it's your choice if you want to join her.
I don't blame her it's so absurd, her decision, I respect, we have gone too far, believing the lies that's destroying her soul, hard times indeed, but the ultimate goal is for us to unite and live in a place where love is key, unconditional love, a paradise, that is your right, you have free will, but to get there you need to swallow the pill. The pill of truth of how we are and when you've done that, you'll be a star. Not unique, we all have the power, but we're in this together, so when you're in the shower, reflect on what you're here to do, it'll make a difference for me and you.
Many are watching to see, if we can wake up and really be.