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I fell it was my choice, to learn what I need most. It's not what you think, it's just a game, to discover it is just a game, yep, we all think it's such a shame. Love understands and are all there , the angels don't play the game of rich and poor, they have no interest in keeping score.
I will love you forever, but why can't you see ? That's what's going on is not about you or me ? Still love you and now, can't take it away, let's dance let's play. You see a void, it's just an abis, the game is there just hit or miss.
The void is there, what do you want people to see ? How does that reflect for you and me ? I love you forever, can you tell ? or are you living under a different spell ?
Oh how I love you, that's bigger than truth, as a youngster and now, that's bigger than truth, you just make me smile and I cherish when we walk every mile. I understand that sometimes, you just can't see, that you are my love and will always be !