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Don't go outside, there's acid rain, there's more polar bears than there has ever been, oh no they're going to take over !
Why aren't the ice caps not melting the sea ? Propaganda's going wrong for you and me. Oh sh*t what can we do to change the delusion ? Create more stuff to create more delusion. Let's create more stuff, to kid the people, that this shit is real and they need to act, even if it's not based on fact !
There's a few that can see the lie, the rest don't question and wonder why we still have wars and hate each other, then when we see a beautiful soul, not about left or right, but come on guys, let's get rid of this shite and turn to love, it's a better way and I stand forward and I love you all, because you are worthy, your spark is divine and with that knowing, you will shine !


She speaks some sense alright!