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Draticornix Idraya

It's been a while since I last thought of it, but the number of matters I have to handle in the blockchain has been increasing, and the number of things I must pay attention to... increased too.

It's why I've finally decided to look for two collaborators. One to help me with the Media Future Vision project (all the planning, the people to contact in English-speaking countries, etc...) and one to whom I will pass all of my skills as a writer and with whom I'd like to write a steem webnovel, which will live in its own account.

So if you want to onboard the Draticornix Idraya webnovel adventure, or to be involved with the Media Vision project, either leave me a message here with your discord name or contact me: DjennyFloro#8810 so that we discuss it.

The work will be pretty simple for the partner for the novel, we'll be doing the webnovel from scratch. The other partner will help me handle many tasks until he/she gets a grasp of the project and will be fully involved in all the activities that matter around it.

As for the benefits, I'd like to make it clear that they won't be immediate. The webnovel will need to grow in popularity & gain exposure (which we'll also work on) and the Vision Media Future is also a big project that will take time.

If this post is older than 7 days, please support by upvoting my latest post:

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PS: if you want to help these project grow but wish not to invest directly, you can:
-- Delegate power (even 1 SP helps and counts) to @djenny.floro, that upvote my posts & will upvote the webnovel,
-- Resteem the posts & webnovel to help them gain exposure!
-- Engage in discussion about it on my posts, so to help in the form of opinions, points to think about, etc...

Of course, you are also welcome to do all three :P!



Dear @djennyfloro

Would you mind sharing with us what is Media Future Vision project about? Let's say someone would like to collaborate with you - what would be his/hers responsibilities? What would you expect from this person?

And please let us all know more about your project and describe on what stage is it right now and what's your plan for nearest future. Anything that would give us some 'bigger picture'.


Dear @crypto.piotr ,

Vision Media Future is the name of Ark Tribe (I announced the change here and put the explanation in a more concise form too).

I seek help to rewrite & deepen the documentation about it, help me create more meaningful/helpful posts about it, and neaten the idea so that I can go seek proper funds for the project, also someone who'll act as Media Vision Future contact for people in the US. Since the documents are messy and the accountancy part is only gross numbers, I need someone capable to look at data sources and do the maths too.

It can be two people, or it can be an investor who's willing to finance an assistant &/or an accountant so that I can present the project better.

Also, my plans on the near future are to create full & complete documentation about each branch of Vision Media Future, as well as a visual identity for it. On the more long-term, I think that the post I'm referring you to just above talks more about it than I could fit in a comment.

I am at the presentation-forming stage. Where all the ideas & things are mostly finalized but where it's so "all over the place" that expressing the idea in its entirety and formulating a well-constructed explanation of it is difficult.


Thank you for your prompt reply @djennyfloro

I really hope you will manage to complete your team and move forward with your project :)


Dear @djennyfloro

I would like to help you but I can not work hard for you consistantly. I hope you will find someone. Yours sincerely

Thank you for your interest through.
It means a lot to have encouraging comments :)

@crypto.piotr messaged me about this post. I write fiction well but I do not work fixed hours everyday- I do meet deadlines and the prompts required.

You are welcome to check out the short stories on my steemit page. I would like to do fiction writing projects or collaborate on the web novel.

Hi !
Do you have a discord handle, please?


My friend @crypto.piotr messaged me to read this post. Thank you dear!
@djennyfloro I think it is not possible for me to help you in this project by doing the work you need but, I can delegate you some SP. Will that work?

Dear @akdx ,

All the delegations made will greatly help the funding of the project and be used to gain more exposure for the project.

As I once said, djenny.floro upvote all my posts, and will also upvote the webnovel. I do not put any personal money into djenny.floro for transparency purpose (I don't want to be accused of self-voting) so delegating SP to djenny.floro is giving the project a long-term help!

Things I'll do with the money earned from the upvotes of djenny.floro:

  • Hire an assistant with the SDB (so it will help with the work I'm looking for),
  • Hire an artist for the visual aspect of Vision Media Future,
  • Reward the co-author of the webnovel,
  • Buy the necessary to make Future Writer Vision live sooner.

So, yes, delegating is also an extremely good way to help me with the project! It doesn't target the immediate problem of needing an assistant but very actively help with closing on a solution!


I have delegated 10 SP to @djenny.floro. Thanks!

I am most honored!
Thank you very much!

It's my pleasure!

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Thank you @crypto.piotr for sharing this post to me. It is an interesting project but unfortunately I will not be able to collab. I have upvoted and resteemed this post so that more people will be able to see it.

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Thank you for taking an interest in the project!
I really appreciate the resteem!

You're welcome and all the best to you =)

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Both of two are very interesting offers. unfurtunately Ican take any of them because i´m in vacation time and i didn´t have a good nternet.
I resteemed this post to more people could read i.

Thanks. dear @crypto.piotr for write me about this post.

Thank you very much for your interest!

I really thank you for the resteem.

I’m an organizer of ideas and pulling things together to make them work but unfortunately I’m not computer savvy nor do I have a lot of time. Trying to fix those things at the mo- I hope you’ll be able to find suitable help in the very near future.

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Dear @missaj ,

Thank you very much for your comment! I thank you for taking the time to read it, and answer my post. It means a lot to me.


Good luck in this project it sounds amazing!

Hi @djennyfloro I know this post from @crypto.piort maybe we have supported each other before, but it feels increasingly farther and maybe many have left this platform by the way I'm still loyal here, maybe a little disconnected also with the post that you made with my comment, it means only conveying the contents of the heart😊

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Resteemed and upvoted 😊

Thank you very much!

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