Task Token: what is it for?

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Draticornix Idraya

Hello everyone, I'm here today to talk about quite a surprising website that I've come across.

This website is https://task.steemwhales.com/ and it is a website where you can post or do a task in exchange for "task" tokens.

The tasks are done on the internet, so far I've watched videos on youtube channels, got engaged in discussions, joined their discord server and broadened my network of people by getting engaged.

Overall, this is a nice way to earn some extra incomes, and it doesn't come as very difficult too. The tokens are earned immediately after your task is done, and it's quite intuitive too.

I'm most impressed by the fact that you can post your own custom tasks, something I haven't done yet because I don't have enough task tokens for now, but I will remedy to that very shortly!

The team behind it is the same team that has done the captcha token, which appears to have been a success.

What has impressed me so far is that the video that I looked at on youtube really caught my attention. I thought it might just be some random publicity, but it appears it wasn't at all! In fact, it was a very well-done explanation of how attention and willpower work, making me discover something new.

While I'm not fond of all the tasks given, but they aren't your typical nonsensical "watch an add" thingy. Also, if you want to grow your own audience, I suggest that you actually use TASK to for it's an easy way to get people to interact with your posts instead of just throwing a vote for you.

Getting comments that make sense is more and more difficult with the time, so I highly recommend you TASK to have a go at it, since it works with steemit, youtube, etc...

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PS: if you want to help my projects grow but wish not to invest directly, you can:
-- Delegate power (even 1 SP helps and counts) to @djenny.floro, my donation & investment account, that upvote my posts & will upvote the webnovel,
-- Resteem the posts & webnovel to help them gain exposure!
-- Engage in discussion about it on my posts, so to help in the form of opinions, points to think about, etc...

Of course, you are also welcome to do all three :P!


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well this post is helpful to those people want to earn extra like me, thanks
by the way what is that web novel? it intrigue's me

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Hi @mrnightmare89

The webnovel is one of Media Vision Future (ex Ark Tribe) projects under the Future Writers Vision branch. You can learn more about Media Vision Future here.

The webnovel is not launched yet, because I am still looking for an assistant as I have difficulties to be on every front on my own given the amplitude of Vision Media Future. It should begin to post soon though.

I visited the link but sad to say it's not allowed in my mobile phone because keychain can be used only in desktop.😢

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Oh, maybe I can bring that to their discord? Or if you can join the discord, maybe you can bring that issue to them? I'm definitely certain it's not voluntary!

but where is the discord link, by the way?

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On steem engine the #task channel is meant for that kind of things :)

@mrnightmare89 a friendly reminders careful with browsing sites.

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I really wonder if doing tasks, watching videos, commercials etc is worth the time, energy, power etc. I have strong doubts about it.

Already tried these sites who payed in euro it seldom works.
Partiko has more extras if you use it and there is buzz.break as well. Still it is all peanuts and with a slow connection impossible and a waste of time keep trying it.

Already tried publish0x?

Or join more contests here. With every content you post you could join 2 or 3 different contests. I think.this is a faster and easier way to grow and earn.
Also using the right tags is. The more people you reach and engage with the bigger your chance to earn.

It feels as if you try as many different things to earn a cent but if it comes to it it costs you more as you earn.

Wish you luck 💕

P.s. have a look at your tags 2 or 3 you should change into the tags most people use. If your post counts 200 words or more use the tag #ccc. See if you can use one of the prompts @mariannewest gives for her freewrites fit it somewhere into your text and you have a #freewrite.


The tasks given are mostly incensitive to participate / mingle with the community, and to meet / get to know the content of other steemians. It attracts your attention on what they want to do / what's important for them (some need more upvotes, some needs more comments etc) so it's not your typical do-and-be-paid task thing.

It's mostly an incentive to get to know more people on steem, and what they do. Partiko isn't particularly good for posts of 1500-5000 words, which is usual for a webnovel for example.

I'll look at my tags, though those are the communities who support me the most for the moment, I'll try to figure out how to make the tagging better!

Thanks for all your advice and tips!

Saw what @arthur.grafo is posting?

I joined @marchmadness and indeed found out there is a max if it comes to Partiko and words but you can still use steemit.com

So people ask for upvotes like in steemengine or what you can automatically arrange via steem-bounty.com?

I wonder why people are more willing to actively join this site as for example a redfish league or minnow league or community.

Perhaps you are right and it works but still it takes a lot of time, which is an investment.

You don't mind to upvote something you don't like?

Thanks for taking the time to explain this further. Perhaps I can have a look if my connection is better.

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There are actually two types of contents that I upvote.

The first is content that I like, and the second is content that I don't like, but which the author has obviously put efforts in. Because I may not like the subject, but I appreciate that the person has put efforts in creating content that holds a certain quality. It's already hard for people to grow an audience, and even posts which have a certain quality won't even reach 0.10 STU.

In some ways, it's even more discouraging than getting nothing because it means that your efforts are "only worth so much" and kind of devalues the person. To me, it's one of the reasons that some people just rage quit Steem, along with Steemit"s attitude of playing against Steem's interest. Their regular dump devalues steem, and it somewhat kill us all at the same time.

That's why, no, I don't mind upvoting content that I don't like. Upvoting is more a matter of supporting a person/blog in its entirety, than specific content. It's not like a thumbs up in facebook, it's a matter of saying people that their best isn't "unworthy" and a meager attempt at respecting them as a person.

That's an interesting project @djennyfloro

Thx for bringing it up. There is so many new projects developing lately. I wonder how TASK token will do in the future.

Surely it's worth following their progress.


If they keep their orientation, it might become a good tool to get more interaction between steemians and to enhance the experience of new users.
That's why I'm really having my eyes on this one!