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That's one big lap dog. I've heard the pressure changes are what make dogs more scared of storms than anything. But anecdotally, I'm pretty sure it's just the noise. I was that way as a kid. But fit easier in my mom's lap than a German Shepard, that's for sure. Looks like you are having fun though. Except maybe from the chipmunk point of view...


I try to warn the chipmunks when he is about to enter their world and they are lucky that he is so attached to people that he really just wants to stay by my side. Occasionally he'll decide to secure the perimeter, and then clears out everything that he sees as a threat. And I guess you just never know what those chipmunks might be up to!

Yeah, I've heard amazing stories about those little striped monsters... ( :
He does look like a nice dog. Enjoy the visit of the friendly four-legger.

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