Celebrating my Birthday during the Corona Craze and Crypto Crash

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Another birthday came and is already gone in the blink of an eye. I, like many others, have mixed feelings about my birthday. I like the idea of it. I enjoy spending time with my family and celebrating another full year of living. But the thought of aging is starting to become slightly more depressing every March. Luckily though, I had a good birthday this year. It was beautifully simple. Pizza and wings from Papa John's and some Oreo ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. Wonderful! I am super grateful that I was able to have delicious food on my birthday.

Recently my personal life has been going pretty well, while my crypto life seems to be going more and more downhill. I recently re-united with my family after a period of separation, and it's made me super happy. While this happened much of the Justin Sun Steemit takeover took place. Now today was my birthday and the entire crypto market crashed quite badly. Not only that, but throughout everything, hanging in the background was the Coronavirus. The virus also came to a new level of seriousness in my country (USA) on and around my birthday. There have been more and more cases everyday. In addition, between last night and today, many major Sports and other events have been cancelled. The NBA has suspended it's season in the middle of it's season, shocking many. NCAA Sports, NHL, Major League Baseball, and others have also completely stalled their seasons or have taken similar actions.

So yeah it's been kind of an intense couple of days. A lot of good vibes and a lot of bad ones.

The romantic and super positive side of me wants to believe that these negative times will be coming to an end soon. As cool and mysterious and fashionable it is to be negative nowadays I have always stayed on the positive side of things. Many times my positivity has backfired on me in various ways but I am simply wired this way.

This is the way I see things. I am not an expert, and don't pretend to be and if my ways of thinking leads me to failure, that's my problem.

Bitcoin will likely not die. My intuition tells me this. While there are flaws, the idea of it is pretty great and nearly flawless in my opinion. Also, as long as I try my best to diversify my assets at a healthy rate, I believe I will be in decent shape. I still would like to get into gold and silver one of these days. Not to mention saving cash as well. In a perfect world I have a nice three way variety of cash, precious materials (gold, silver possibly some others?), and crypto.

In my opinion even if the crypto space drops even further that just means the coins will be cheaper to acquire. Perhaps that's a simplistic and naive way to look at things, but the ones who hesitate or overthink often lose I believe. I really wonder if I should utilize Coinbase Pro more and trade a lot more.

Lastly, while I definitely strive to prosper and do well, I do not fear going totally broke. I believe I will always find a way to make money. I just believe in myself. I am not afraid to put an application in at McDonald's if I gotta. The money at McDonald's can still be used to buy Bitcoin.

When it comes to the Coronavirus I have some very silly sounding beliefs. If I die, I die, but I like my chances. To put it simply I have more trust in the placebo effect than this virus. I refuse to get sick. I can probably count how many times I have been sick with my two hands. I received perfect attendance awards in three separate grades while I was in school. I get it, 'but science tho man'. But science doesn't even understand the placebo effect, so there's how amazing your science is. My brother's dog has had cancer for about two to three years. People are surprised how the dog is surviving this long. Perhaps because nobody can speak dog and tell it that it has a terminal illness. The dog doesn't feel the need to feel sick because it doesn't even know it's supposed to feel sick, you know? Also the dog has a happy loving family, which surely helps.

If I get sick? I try my god damn best to get that damn virus out of me.

So with my bro science in mind, I am going to look at my positive personal life as a sign that better days are coming for the crypto space, I just need more patience. Relax. Love the people around me. Breathe. Read a book, do a hobby. Live life.

There are a lot of important things in life, not just crypto.

It's officially Friday the thirteenth. Right after my great birthday, it's funny that the unluckiest day is right after. But screw that superstition. I take it as a further sign things will get better!

For now I am going to have a simple and nice night. Finish my delicious leftover birthday dinner, hang with Mary Jane, and watch some YouTube or Netflix. Besides I might as well celebrate again. I'm officially a quarter century and a day old.

It's spooky times out here. Just keep moving folks. Steem on, and try to enjoy life.




Nice outlook on life and happy birthday 🎂 😎

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