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It is quite good to see Bitcoin going up into a new heights with its price this year in particular and almost everyone is anticipating this move but when it does it surprises them and me included.

Great thing to hold Bitcoin but we just have to be a good HODLER especially if the price would rise much further as there is a much sell pressure when it goes up again to 20K levels.

Many would sell all the way up to 20K per BTC because many have bought all the way up there. But who will be the ones that should not sell? Well if you are just holding a lesser amount of maybe 1 Bitcoin or less it is in my opinion to hold it for as long as you can and cash out when Bitcoin price is in the 5, 6, or even seven figure range.

But of course it is up to you when you should sell because we all have a different goals and needs. But if you believe that Bitcoin in the future will be the means of store of value like it is going on today you would also believe that it will get more valuable as many big financial entities will use it and make a good demand for it which will translate in it value to rise even further more and it will be a snowball effect from then on.

For me I will not wait until it goes to one million simply because of my health issues lest I will not benefit out from my own waiting as time is not on my side. It is better for me to use it before my body gives way to my current health issues. Now it is great to see it rise and it is like waiting for a long lost love to come into your life and when it does it is such a blissful experience.

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Great news! I have some of btc,very little, but i hope ot will be much soon. 20k is great for me, I agree:)) when do you think we will get it?