Daddy Please Come And Catch This Snake

in #palnet6 months ago

My daughter phoned me at crack of dawn this morning which is before 7 in lock down time. I was still in a vegetated state and rolled over not really comprehending what had just transpired. The phone rang again and I answered and yes it was the second time I had heard that story so it was true. I was wide awake and ready for action.

Dressing gown on and holding a pair of barbecue tongs I was ready to face any dangers that lay ahead. I probably should have put some shoes on but hey "living on the edge" is what keeps us sharp.

I trundled up to my daughters place which is a 2 bedroom granny flat or a massive entertainment area by the pool.We haven't done much with it as it was a bonus section of the house and possibly deserves another post on it's own. Anyway I ventured in to see my daughter looking in the atrium. Sounds posher than it really is but this is a Jacuzzi area that never gets used.

I took a look at what she was saying was a snake and said no that looks like sludge. It wasn't moving and with the dirty water in the predominantly empty jacuzzi it did not look threatening at all. I ventured in with tongs in hand and lent into the jacuzzi with my eyes now clearly focused on the target it moved. It was a snake but a loving house snake that can do no harm unless you are a lizard or a mouse. They are not venomous but constrictors and this was a baby that had probably fallen through from the roof somehow. Mommy wasn't nearby as my eyes panned the room so all good.

He was an aggressive little bugger for his size but no match for the barbecue tongs and bucket. I removed him from his dire situation and released him in the front garden to everyone's horror. They are the good guys I said and no harm will come our way.Snakes are rarer to find in Johannesburg and would have been more apprehensive if we were still in Durban. We have had Mambas and a few rat snakes visit us in the past and barbecue tongs would not have been the weapon of choice. Baby snakes are more of a menace if poisonous as their venom is more toxic. My Dad found that out when he was playing with a baby Cape Cobra and had to warn him to drop it quickly. Ignorance and stupidity can get you killed.

I know my wife's aunt who lived in the granny flat was protecting a Mamba that lived in her over grown garden. They are harmless and more scared of us so better left alone. A good dog and a few cats will help keep your house clear of snakes normally.

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