Thursday Morning Demo~ Click Itttt You Beautiful Person

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Hello, everyone! :3
You wanna hear a funny story?

I got started recording around 9:30 and was about to have it finished by 11:00, beating my record. And just as I was about to mix it and mess with the sound a little before exporting. Aaaaaand, it froze and I lost all of my work.

It's okay!.... I re-recorded it for you wonderful people. I did it slightly lazy but it came out almost exactly the same.
I now know to save as I go.
I was ignoring that old golden rule because, well, my computer is usually great about not freezing and forcing me to start over.
It's a used computer to begin with.
I'm seeing an upgrade in my future. Maybe for Xmas.

I do hope it came out okay, in your guys' opinion.

Beyond that, my new bosses are sort of....eccentric in their nature, but I like them very much.
I'm beginning to get the hang of it.
If I feel as though my work is valued, it helps me focus and put that positive energy into the music. I've felt so negative about the work I was doing for so long, so it's nice to feel good about going to work again :3
The whole staff is just so great. As long as I watch what I say. Because holy fucking shit, are people sensitive about everything these days.

It's been a very, very busy week and I just haven't had time to capture any footage, so for now, it's just gonna be the tracks. Potentially until the end of next week. I have a camera that I plan on ordering soon.. It'll be better for what I'm trying to accomplish. You'll see. Bear with me, folks. I beg you. <3
I'm thinking of strapping a camera to my torso and biking around. And speeding up the footage. Putting music to it. Sound cool?

Thank you the support, as always.
Use headphone you damn heathens!

~ C.K.M.

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Beautiful, you did it great, my main favorite genre of music :D \m/

Thank you, brother :3 Appreciate it~

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