SHAGGY ROGERS, A Scooby Doo Project / drawing step by step (Dibujo paso a paso) by @christopherb

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Sup steemians!!

I've always loved Scooby Doo, and through growing and knew more about the genre of terror, I wondered how what a series with them (Mistery Inc) with the age of 14-15 years would be, solving mysteries of real monsters and ghosts, with a more serious environment.

Seeing than that never happend, I decided to venture and start designing everything for my version of scooby doo. On this occasion, I present Norville "Shaggy" Rogers. I hope you like it!

Shaggy "Norville" Rogers


1. Before starting, a new blank canvas opens.


2. I started with a very basic sketch of his body, this being the basis for the rest of the drawing.



3. After finishing the sketch, I draw the base for the lineart.



4. I finish the lineart and stylize the sketch a bit.


5. I continue, then, coloring the drawing, starting from the face and parts of the hair.


6. I finish the hair, with its different shades and shadows.


7. I continue with the eyes and the color of the shirt.


8. Finally, I finish her clothes coloring the sweater.


9. I add the background.


10. And I finish, adding finishing touches (signature and color to reinforce the background).


Having as final result, this young Shaggy.


Thank you very much for passing! A big hug.

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ehy dear @christopherb, a very nice design! I'll never finish to amaze me what the new technology can do !! but your project is to draw some comic or video story? I can't wait to see scooby doo puppy. I loved that series, with all those surprises and suspense because you didn't know what was going on !! I just didn't understand the character of Fred who seemed to me like a barby ken who had made a mistake in a cartoon !! by the way beautiful design to start your series !!!

Thank you! I'm glad you liked the design, Shaggy is one of my favorite characters haha. The idea of ​​this first publication of the "Scooby Doo Project" is to publicize the designs of the members of the "Mistery Inc" gang that will appear in my version of Scooby Doo, which I hope to publish in the same way, by Steemit! Fred is a character that I love very much, even if he looks like a Ken hahaha. Soon I will upload the other designs for my Comic, I hope you like them as much as this one! A hug

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