How many Dapps to come to the Steem Blockchain?

in #palnet2 years ago

Intrepreneur, another Dapp of usefulness. I saw on the Steem Engine that I have been airdropped many token now and this one as a result of having Palcoin staked!!! Well needless to say I am stoked, staked and silly about it all. I just came across Neoxian yesterday haha and now Intrepreneur. I have much faith and belief in these projects and Dapps that my future seems more secure in many ways. So many useful tools at hand and growing at an alarming rate. And as widespread and surprisingly useful as the Steem Blockchain is, I am shocked we hit a new low of around $0.19 cents Steem! I like to see it as Crypto on Sale! Buy or Sell people what say you? I'm in for the long run here so no changing this man's mind.

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